Mini Review: Built Bars and Quest Bars

Built Bars and Quest Bars

As someone who must constantly monitor weight, I am always looking for tasty products that can help me to lose and maintain a healthy weight.
I have discovered two protein Bars that I like: Built Bars and Quest Bars
Built Bars: Of the two, I prefer Built Bars, which has a better flavor overall and a real dark chocolate coating.
Stats: 3 WW points; 110 calories; 15 grams of protein; 4 grams of fat (2.5 saturated); 6 grams of fiber; 4 grams added sugar (just enough to offer satisfaction for my enormous sweet tooth).
Pros: a rich flavor, a substantial size, lower calories and overall fat, and the same stats for all flavors across the board. The bar tastes like a candy bar, a definite plus! I feel full after eating a Built Bar (with a salad or fruit). Built Bars can be a meal replacement or a snack. For consumers with nut allergies: no nuts and manufactured in a nut-free facility.
Cons: Some consumers may not like the gel-nougat filling, and the chocolate coating melts quickly, so it’s not a product you can stick in your pocket or store in a warm place. One solution: refrigerate the bar overnight you plan to eat the next day – that also makes the filling a little bit thicker. Another option: hard freeze a bar that will be stuck in your backpack for a few hours. Product contains milk products.
Quest Bars: To be honest, I’ll probably move away from Quest Bars and more toward Built Bars, for reasons listed in the “con” section.
Stats: (Cookies and Cream – the stats vary across the different flavors): 4 WW points (some flavors are 5 points); 200 calories; 21 grams protein; 8 grams fat (2.5 saturated); 15 grams fiber; 1 gram sugar.
Pros: A substantial size, a substantial chew factor (a more cake-like consistency). Very portable – no need to refrigerate before heading out. In fact, warm weather tends to soften the bar slightly and enhance the flavor. I feel full after eating a Quest Bar (with a salad or fruit). Quest Bars are also low sugar.
Cons: The flavor isn’t quite satisfying – there is a bit of an aftertaste and the bar is not very sweet. When eating a Quest Bar, one is very aware that this is a “substitute,” not tasting like a candy bar. Not the same stats for all flavors across the board, which makes shopping for lower-point flavors a bit challenging. For some consumers, the high fiber can cause gas and bloat. Over time, the bar hardens, but popping it in the microwave can soften it and improve the flavor. Because of its high caloric content, a Quest Bar is definitely a meal replacement and not quite suitable for a snack, at least for a small person like me. For consumers with nut allergies: Quest Bars contain nuts. Also contains milk products.
As long as the quality remains high, I will be using Built Bars as part of my diet.
I just love them.


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