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Summer: An Open Letter to My Friends Who Have Recently Lost Weight

(I wrote this on June 8, 2011, mostly as a reminder to be kinder to myself – fat or thin. “This Time Would be Different,” I told myself: I would keep the weight off. Unfortunately, I regained most of it. A reminder to take nothing for granted. A reminder to celebrate life, no matter what, because the tomorrow we are given may not be the tomorrow we expected – or wanted. In fact, tomorrow is not guaranteed.)
Dear Friends, Be kind to your former self. Love her, love him. Don’t be so hard on that person who decided to take matters seriously and lose weight and gain a healthier body. Remember, it was that brave person who made an important decision to spend a significant amount of money and admit publicly that he or she needed help. Do you remember that day so many months ago, how tentative you felt about going to Weight Watchers (or whatever program you selected) and how it all seemed so difficult and impossible? Do you remember hiding in the back of the room, trying not to be noticed? Well, you ca…

Winter: Let’s Talk White and Thin Privilege

(This chapter isn’t quite where I want it, and I’m not sure if it will make the final cut into my book, but I thought I’d toss it out there.)
My husband Jerry and I entered the gleaming, dripping in money medical center, located in a tony neighborhood near Timonium, Maryland. Jerry was dressed in a striped shirt and Khakis; I wore a sports tee-shirt and denim clamdigger leggings – way underdressed for our expensive surroundings (I didn’t care – I wore a pretty necklace, what more should they want?). We had been there just once before – not quite familiar with the building layout – so we must have looked slightly confused. I had to use the facilities, but I knew that the restrooms had to be accessed via a security code. “You remember what the code is?” I asked Jerry. Before he could answer, a lady ahead of us looked back and said, “Oh, it’s **** for the ladies’ room and **** for the men’s.” Casually and without hesitation. We had never met her. Think about that: we were strangers. We thanked her…