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The Board of Acceptable Body Weight and a Decent Proposal (Instead of Jail) -- from Corpus Delicious, a Novel

Left: Lilith, by John Collier (1892) ; Right: Another View of Lilithe ____________________________________________ What if we lived in a country that eschewed eating solid food as a social construct? What if restaurants and grocery stores did not exist? What if eating were considered a private act, performed at home or in private eating stations, never in full public view? What if it were illegal to ingest any food except for a sustenance provided and sanctioned by the state? What if medicines, prescribed by government physicians, were administered through the sanctioned sustenance? What if “feel-good” drugs were doled out as rewards for staying slim, exercising regularly, and informing on lawbreakers? What if the government legislated acceptable Body Mass Index (BMI) as 25 and under, and fined citizens who disobeyed? What if obesity were punishable by incarceration in fat farms or, worse case scenario, punishable by public execution? What if ingestables othe